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Cable & Rod - Trade Discounts Available

From Ceiling Hanging Systems, Floor to Ceiling, Wall to Floor or Wall to Wall, there is a cable or rod system available to suit virtually any application using versatile components.
All products made from steel with satin chrome finish unless otherwise stated.
1.5mm & 3mm
Trade Prices from: £10.50

Discreet and strong, choose from 1.5mm and 3mm thick galvanised steel cables that will not fray, kink or mark unlike stainless steel.

Supplied with top and bottom fixings with 4 metre of cable as standard.

Full range of clamps available to fit both cables for signs up to 12.7mm thick

6mm rod.jpg
6mm Rod
Available from 500 to 3000mm
Trade Prices from: £5.81

Versatile and dynamic displays created with rod displays for greater stability than the cable systems with an elegant look. Can be used horizontally or vertically.

Available in 3mm, 6mm or 10mm thickness up to 3 metres high or wide.

Full range of clamps available for panels up to 12.7mm thick

Hanging Sign Systems
Trade Prices from: £4.95

Versatile hanging sign systems for virtually any application.

Available with 1.5mm cable, 3mm or 6mm rod.

Clamp from the side or the top with clamps available for panels up to 10mm thick

Wall to Wall
Trade Prices from: £21.00

Ideal solution for directional signage, information boards and leaflet dispensers need to be displayed in areas where floor to ceiling displays cannot be installed.

Available with 1.5mm cable - 3 metre long cables as standard which can be cut to size.

Clamp displays from the side up to 12.7mm thick or use the CS03 with P02 for fixed panels.

All Fairfield renowned quality products
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