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Digital Display Solutions

Grab the attention of passers-by with strong sales messages, from simple plug and play to remote upload of data. All screens have toughened glass front panel with wide viewing angles and high brightness, built for commercial use to be played 24-7.
Peach Digital Screens

Prices  from £520.00

Bright screens with curved edges to look like a tablet. Toughened safety glass with a wide viewing angle, unbranded, sleek appearance makes them ideal for commercial use. Free software scheduling system, run still images, movie files, sound files with USB plug and play or upgrade to Smart Andriod updated from your PC. Available from 19inch up to 55inch

PCAP Touch Screens

Prices  from £1,499.99

State of the art Projected Capacitive interactive technology offers the most responsive and sensitive touch experience available. Designed for commercial applications, PCAP touch technology works by fixing a sensor grid between a layer of cover glass and the LCD panel, when a finger touches the glass the grid detects the coordinates of the touch point. PCAP touch is the same as the touch on a iphone or smart phone. Available 22 up to 55inch.

Ultra High Bright Screens

Prices  from £1,650.00

Dazzle customers with the radiant Ultra High Bright screen which are the brightest screens available with an impressive 3500 cd/m2.

The sunlight readable screens can be seen clearly during daylight hours, making them perfect for all window displays.

Available from 43inch up to 75inch

Outdoor Weather Proof Poster or Digital Screens

Prices  from £2,999.99

Brightness is key when using outdoor Digital Signage, our Outdoor Freestanding Digital Posters and Screens use Ultra High Brightness panels (1,500 cd/m2) more than 4 times brighter than a standard LCD panel to allow easy readability in direct sunlight. Available from 47 up to 55inch.

Weather Proof, Vandal Proof, Smart Temperature Control System, Anti Reflective Glass, Plug & Play or Optional Upgrade available.

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