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Wall Supports - Trade Discounts Available 

From the King of all Wall Supports 25mm Diameter Sign Supports all 25mm Supports are aluminium Satin Chrome Finish for panels with holes which incorporate a 6mm lip which has been designed to make installation of heavy panels simple and straight forward.
Premium quality 16mm Diameter Sign Supports for panels with holes and Supports for Panels without holes a
ll products made from metal with satin chrome finish unless otherwise stated.
25mm Diameter Supports
Aluminium - WM15, WM16, WM17
Trade Prices from: £4.32

The King of all Wall Supports in the 25mm diameter supports, available with 25mm, 50mm & 75mm barrel length off the wall. These fixings have an innovative 3 part fitting with brass boss that fits directly to the wall, the barrel simply screws onto the boss, locate the sign onto the lip and screw in the cap.

Also available in Polished Chrome, Black and Brass Finish

Wall Support for Panels without Holes
Trade Prices from: £4.46

Supports can be used either vertically, horizontally or at any angle, they clamp the edge of the panel, so no holes are required.

Various sizes available from 5mm to 19mm projection of the wall, holding panels up to 7mm and up to 10mm thick.

16mm Diameter Supports
WM05, WM05-13, WM05L-20,
WM12, WM18, WM19.
Trade Prices from: £2.96

Premium quality 16mm diameter supports for smaller sign applications. The supports are supplied with brass boss for easy installation the barrel then simply screws onto the boss for easy installation. Panel thickness from 6mm up to 20mm. Available with 14mm, 25mm, 40mm, barrel lengths. Flush Cap available in 19mm Diameter.

Also available in Polished Chrome, Black and Brass Finish

Everyday Value
Aluminium Range
WM12/AL, WM19/AL, WM21/ALL
Trade Prices from: £1.50p

Everyday Day Value is a range of aluminium supports that offer outstanding value available in 12mm & 16mm diameter with 20mm barrel length. Panel thickness upto 9mm. The 16mm Diameter can also be supplied with 25mm cap.

Flush Cap available in 16mm & 25mm Diameter.

All Fairfield renowned quality products
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