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Digital Display Solutions - Through Glass Touch Screens

Stand out with a through-glass touch screen. Draw attention to your properties with a high impact, ultra-bright through-glass screen which allows you to display your entire property portfolio in your window 24/7.  Showcase client’s properties for people to browse any time, day or night. Because the screen is interactive, if they see something they like they can make an enquiry there and then, even when you’re closed. 
  • Ultra-bright, high-resolution screen (displayed at 3,500 NITS) readable even in direct sunlight

  • No screen blackouts - inbuilt cooling system ensures that the screen does not overheat, even in the hottest temperatures

Property Screens

Designed to display properties to their best advantage

Show individual property details

View floor plans

View Location details

View multiple images

View all properties and refine search criteria 

The design of content to be displayed on your screen is fully customised in-line with your brand

Through Glass Touch Screen
Flexible Payment Models
No Cost Option

Paid by supplier advertising 

Select 20 of your most trusted business suppliers and partners who would like to support your business.​

They are contacted on your behalf.​

For a small annual fee, they can take advantage of this prime advertising opportunity by promoting their business through your touch screen.

Superior System

Purpose built and made to last 

Content management and production

Screen usage reporting

Excellent customer service and support managed 24/7

Superior technology

Complete integration

Efficient installation

Personalised Display Software

Through Glass Touch Screen
Purchase Option

Purchase option from as little as £295 per month 

Prices  from £2,964.99

You can lease purchase your through-glass touch screen over 3 years for only £295 per month. This price also includes full support throughout the 3 year period.
Purchase your through-glass touch screen outright for a one-off cost of £4,750 plus an ongoing monthly support fee of £147.30 pcm.  

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